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Clear Aligners

Smiling teenager with clear aligner in her handsThanks to technological advancements, there are more orthodontic treatments than ever before! The type of treatment we recommend for your child depends on the location and severity of their orthodontic issues. Over the last 20 years or so, clear aligners have grown exponentially more popular due to their many benefits. Aligner treatment has revolutionized the way we practice orthodontics.

Does Your Child Qualify for Aligner Treatment?

Many children and teenagers worry about the social stigma and embarrassment associated with traditional metal braces. While braces are the most common and effective appliance, there are certain situations where they may not be necessary. Some of these include minor to moderate crowding issues and minimal misalignments (malocclusions).

Clear aligners may be the ideal treatment if your child suffers from minor to moderate orthodontic issues. Because the trays are custom-designed for every patient, many children qualify for treatment. Severe crowding or spacing issues, underbites, overbites, crossbites, and open bites usually require more complex solutions. During a consultation appointment, Dr. Ilse Savelli will use diagnostic tools like digital x-rays and 3D CBCT scans to determine the extent of your child’s orthodontic problems.

Clear Aligner Process

The clear aligner process begins with several impressions of the upper and lower teeth. These impressions are sent to the dental laboratory, where our technicians use them to fabricate a series of plastic aligner trays. The trays are made from a special type of plastic that is virtually invisible.

The series is designed to put pressure to the teeth, causing them to shift to a slightly straighter position than the previous tray. For optimal results, each tray should be worn 20-22 hours a day at two-week intervals. They should only be removed during meals and your child’s oral hygiene routine.

By the end of the series, the teeth should be in their proper alignment, or close to it. The length and effectiveness of the treatment depends on your child’s willingness to wear their trays. For this reason, some trays come with “indicator dots” that disappear with use, allowing us to monitor their progress.

After any orthodontic treatment, it is important to protect your investment. Teeth can sometimes move back to their original positions without the use of a retainer. We may recommend a clear plastic retainer or a traditional acrylic one, depending on your child’s needs and desires.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

There are several reasons to choose clear aligners, some of which include:
•  Aesthetics: Aligner trays are perhaps the most discreet orthodontic treatment available today. Most people may not even realize your child is their wearing trays.
•  Comfort: Besides being uncomfortable after a tightening, traditional braces can irritate the inside of your child’s lips and cheeks. Aligner trays are made from a smooth plastic that eliminates these issues and gently moves the teeth.
•  Convenience: Because there is no need for adjustments, aligner trays require fewer appointments. This saves you and your child a significant amount of time at our office. Also, if your child loses or breaks a tray, they simply move on to the next one, so there is no need to schedule an emergency appointment.
•  Speed: If the trays are worn as directed, it can reduce treatment times. Treatment typically takes ten to 24 months, while braces may be worn for three or more years.
•  Safety: Because they are removable, trays do not usually increase the risk of tooth decay. Unlike metal braces, the plastic aligner does not have any sharp or protruding edges.

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